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Durastill High Quality Water Distillers

The Durastill name is well known and has proudly manufactured commercial water distillers in the U.S.A. for over thirty years, beginning in the mid 1970's. In the beginning, our founder and owner Paul Giovagnoli, began manufacturing distillers under the name of International Rotor Company. As the distiller industry grew, our company developed into Durastill, Inc. Now, as the industry leader in water distillation products, Durastill has an ongoing tradition of three simple philosophies. 

The Durastill factory is committed to providing the latest technology and highest quality distillation equipment available today. Our complete inventory of replacement parts, filters and accessories ensures you get what you need, and when you need it. commercial is also the only distiller manufacture to provide parts and service for every distiller ever produced from the factory. 

Durastill Distillers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. 

Durastill Water Distiller

The Distillation Process

Distillers use heat to boil water into steam which is condensed back into water and collected in a purer form. When water boils, it leaves impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The rising steam passes into a cooling section and condenses back into a liquid. The condensed liquid water) then flows into a storage container.

Distillers remove almost all of the impurities from water supplies. As water is heated the impurities in the boiling chamber increase in concentration. The water left behind in the boiling chamber is discarded and the process is started over. 

Distilled water has a bland taste, because the dissolved minerals that give water a pleasing taste have been removed. Distilled water should be stored under sanitary conditions in plastic, glass or stainless steel containers. 

Household distillers are designed for providing water for drinking and cooking. It is not economical to distill water for other uses like flushing toilets, bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning.

Durastill High Quality Water Distillers

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